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Emergency Care Dynamics
Serving The San Diego Area
Serving The San Diego Area

How the Flu Shot Helps You Avoid Illness

flu shot
Nothing is worse than having a fever, aching body and chills. The flu can hit at any time and once you’ve contracted it, there is little you can do beyond wait out the illness and suffer. You can take steps to proactively avoid it, however, and getting a flu shot might be your best bet. If you are wondering where you can get vaccinated and find more information on flu prevention, Urgent Care & More is the destination. Getting the shot can dramatically decrease your chances of getting the flu and, in turn, decrease the likelihood that those around you will get it, too. If you do contract the flu after vaccination, the severity and longevity of the illness is likely to be reduced. We serve patients in San Diego who want to circumvent the cost, wait and inconvenience of an ER visit and get care quickly.

Get Care Today and Avoid the ER Wait

Our staff consists of experienced ER doctors who can care for nonlife-threatening minor injuries and sickness. We understand that urgent care is a vital resource and we aim to provide the best service to each and every one of our clients. Whether you need attention for a stomachache or vaccination for the flu, we are happy to help. Why wait in an emergency room? See a quality doctor now! For speedy care and illness prevention, you can trust Urgent Care & More in San Diego to see to your medical needs. No other clinic rivals our commitment to service and improving the health of our clients. We are nationally recognized by Press-Ganey for our excellence in emergency room services, and you can reach out to us for more information by calling 619-225-6200.
Chest pain should be assessed by emergency personnel. Please call 911 with any life-threatening emergencies.

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